Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

The work-study program provides 3-years pragmatic education, a gamified learning by doing and solving challenges, on the field of work.

It is an evaluation, capacity building and selection program for our future team members and also for our


We accelerate the transition to circular economy

For 2030 we would like to support 20.000 leaders on each country, accelerate the transition into circular economy

The Work-Study Program Road-Map

3 Years Work-Study Program

Training Program Content

The training program content is facilitated through 3 branches and focus on circularity, technology and human competences


  1. Circular Economy
    1. Materials and Technology
    2. Materials and Biological products
  2. Human Circularity
    1. Inclusion of people with distance to labor market
    2. Human competences, Circular Thinking, Self-Management, Leadership & Innovation 
    3. Cognitive Tools, Strategic Management & Change Management Tools
  3. Circular Change Management
    1. R&D Innovation
    2. Circular Strategic Management & Corporate immunology
    3. Circular Financial Products
  4. Cross Silo Circular Impact Management
  5. Circularity applied to SDGs & Climate


  1. Matrix-Q Method
    1. Lean Thinking
    2. Lean Learning
    3. Lean Innovation
    4. Lean Communication
    5. Lean R&D
  2. Technology 4.0 (Production Methodology Principles)
    1. Data-driven, Smart & Scalable  Tools
    2. e-Tools
    3. e-Learning
    4. e-Games
    5. e-Tests, e-Score Card
    6. A.I. Engines
    7. IoT, Edge Computing
  3. Human Capital 4.0 = Human + Automatons + A.I.
    1. Human competences that A.I. Can not replace
    2. Collaboration with A.I. & Automatons


  1. Human Competences
    1. Circular Thinking
    2. Circular Innovation
    3. Adaptive Capacity, Survival Instinct
    4. Emotional Intelligence & Emotional Engagement
    5. Innovation-Driven (Personal) Leadership
    6. Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship
    7. Perception of Value
    8. Self-Management (Time management, Process Management, Project Management)
  2. Social Impact Competences
    1. Social Inclusion
    2. SDG Compliance
    3. Gender equity effectiveness
    4. Impact Investment
  3. Systemic Strategic Management
  4. Human Potential & Data-Driven Human Typology
  5. Change Management & Corporate Immunology


  • Nature-Inspired Algorithms
  • Circularity Principles Applied to Coding
  • Programming Languages
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Data-Driven Applications
  • e-Games
  • A.I.
  • IoT / Edge Computing
  • V.R. + A.R.
  • SaaS

Focus Areas

The work-study program is developed considering the following focus areas


  • Circular Economy Consultants need to develop the ability to “think circular”
  • In other words to overcome the legacy patters of linear thinking : extract resources + produce + use + waste.
  • For this purpose we stress the need to learn from nature systems, nature regenerative cycles, nature principles, cycles, rhythms. How they do influence ecosystems, complex systems and human systems.
  • For this purpose attendees to the work-stud program will be requested to complete assignments in nature, observing and experiencing nature. 
  • As well attendees will be challenges with business models and organization models, technology of complexity that is not circular. In the case of organizations, value chains, the complexity created by human does not follow nature principles. There for, it is necessary that our consultants develop the ability to transform successfully  a system created by linear-human-cognition into a circular system.

20% of the the candidates time dedicated to training program focus into circular thinking applied to change management and innovation.


  • Our consultants will complete for their own capacity building the same process they will later facilitate to our customers.
    • With e-test we will measure the circularity capacity of the human consultants
    • With the data the potential, barriers, strengths, blind-spots will be identified
    • The tailor-made program for capacity building will be designed accordingly
    • The aim will be to enhance and optimize in our consultants circular thinking, innovation capacity, adaptive capacity and emotional engagement.
  • Along the wok-study program our attendees will learn how to utilize Matrix-Q Data & Analytics tools for their own work.
  • For this purpose field research and exploration on the pressing issues at location will be as well important part of their training.
  • Creativity, innovation, assessment of risk, human capital development is supported by data generation and data-analysis.
  • Technical knowledge for the use of Data-driven innovation tools will be given to our consultants

20% of the time invested into the training program focus on field research, data analysis, and innovation competences.


The work-study program has been gamified

Training units, tasks, assignments, reports, need to be completed in order to earn points

Higher number of points will be given to those that

  • Complete a task successfully
  • Within a frame of time requested
  • By applying the knowledge, tools, skills, technology acquired along the training

Time, effectiveness, efficiency, plays a key role

The points earned and successful achievement on task completion, will translate into a rank, and rewards. (See Belts System)


e-Tools will be given to our consultants for them to provide services to our customers

Along the work-study program our candidates will learn to utilize and produce content for:

  • e-Tests
  • e-Learning programs 
  • e-Games
  • e-Trainer
  • e-Coaching

As well, our team members will learn how to work together with A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Engines that will provide advice and support for their work (A.I. Coach for learning, innovation, circularity and business)

For the work-study program it means that candidates will work-study online 20% of their dedicated time


  • The Matrix-Q Methodology = Human + Technology = Success + Human Potential Unleashed
  • Matrix-Q Technology design principles are human inclusive. It means that thanks to the combination of human competences and technology we achieve a more advanced and effective systemic outcome.
  • Human competences are a key component of our training program and integrated to 100% of its content, in all focus areas.
  • Our focus is on human competences that A.I. can not replace.
  • In order to accelerate the learning process on human competences we have designed a self-paced learning program, challenges and assignments that  will help us tailor-made the learning process according to individual’s capacity.
  • e-Coaching and mentorship, as well as a group coaching program, will enable a rapid change into circular thinking capacity and develop adaptive capacity, creativity, innovation capacity and emotional engagement.
  • A complete program dedicated to brain performance enhancement is also integrated. It will help attendees enhance their memory, focus, attention span, concentration, stress management (Brain GYM)

20% of the time our attendees will dedicate only to the development of human competences. 100% of the study-program focuses on the application human competences for solving challenges. 


The Matrix-Q Model on Human Typology will be utilized to optimize the learning program process and tailor made the content, tasks, assignments and challenges given to the attendees.

Data on learning capacity, innovation capacity, circular thinking capacity, adaptive capacity and emotional engagement performance, will be generated along the training program.

With every stage of the training the profile of the attendees will be updated. The data assessment reports will be presented and discussed with the attendees, with the support of a mentor and coach.

Through this process we aim to give to the attendees enough foundation on self-knowledge and self-awareness, tools for self-management, that will enable in them a process necessary for the development of their human competences, self-realization, achievement of personal and professional goals, and balance in their professional life. 

We encourage our attendees to find this balance, by integrating to their personal IKIGAI, the Circularity Principles, that will enable human+nature to thrive together (positive impact).


We Thrive with Happiness, Purpose, Health and Passion in own life projects


  • Effectiveness is achieved with the correct application of knowledge, skills, and use of tools and technology. Strategy plays an extremely important role.
  • Strategic Capacity is essential for survival, as well for use of resources and deployment of solutions.
  • The work-study program aim is to build up in the attendees tangible capacity of application of the knowledge acquired.
  • Application on the field, field experience is of great importance. Field experience will be enabled for 80% of the work-study program, with a learning by doing, learning by facing challenges approach.
  • Real challenges and projects will be suggested to the attendees via assignments and roles. For example challenges they will need to find and implement solutions at their locations, or for companies and organizations. This is the point in which work is combined with study; means learning through working challenges how to apply the knowledge acquired.
  • Simulations, games, case study will help the attendees prepare themselves for the field-assignments.
  • For a successful outcome, strategic management training will be provided. Attendees to the work-study program will learn how to apply nature principles for strategic management. The art of war by Sun Zu, as well as alternative applications of its knowledge : “The art of Peace, The Art of Life & The Art of Sustainable Living” will be compiled into the Matrix-Q Akademia approach “The art of circular living” content developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.
  • For strategic management the use of knowledge, emotions, skills and tools is of value. Strategy games will be used to support the development of the necessary human competences.
  • Circularity Assessment tools, cognitive tools useful to support thinking and assessment of complex situations with circular thinking, will be given to the attendees of the work-study program.  
  • Systemic outcome, with social impact, is the final aim of circular strategic management.

20% of the time dedicated to the work-study program focus on circular systemic strategic management learning tasks. 80% of the work-study program focus on application.


  • Working together with A.I. Engine may be for the first generations of consultants a new challenge.
  • Human Capital 4.0 = Human + A.I. Artificial Intelligence + Automatons
  • The human ability to process, and analyze data, in terms of volume and speed, is limited.
  • Data-Driven Strategic Management means to apply together human competences, knowledge and wisdom learned along experience on the field, with the outcome created by A.I. Engines
  • We believe in the implementation of a cutting edge approach in technology as in human competences.

Ranking System

The Belts & Gender Equity Effectiveness Capacity


The Matrix-Q Belts System enables a training structured by levels of expertise with focus on specific skills and acquisition of technical knowledge.

The belts are the sign of an individual capacity to apply the knowledge acquired, with a level of performance that can be sustained and developed.

For each Belt 9 Dans (belt-points) or sub-levels of peformance must be completed.

  • 0.Candidate to white belt
  • 1.White Belt
  • 2.Yellow Belt
  • 3.Blue Belt
  • 4.Black Belt I
  • 5.Black Belt II
  • 6.Black Belt III
  • 7.Green Belt
  • 8.Copper Belt
  • 9.Silver Belt
  • 9+.Golden Belt
  • Ɵ. Primordial Belt

The Belts will be given according to the level of effective capacity of application of the knowledge, skills, tools and technology acquired. A condition to hold on one belt is to have a sustained level of capacity of application.



  • Gender Diversity Inclusion
  • The work-study program is of inclusive character.
  • We aim for 50% men and 50% women, as well as for gender diversity.
  • Our teams are built by an harmonious balance between male and female skills, in both man and women.
  • The development of the abilities of communication, collaboration, co-creation, respect and mutual-empowerment between men and women is for the Matrix-Q Ecosystem of great importance.
  • We believe in equal rights and opportunities, for men and women.
  • Considering that the performance, effectiveness, of an organization increases when gender equity is effective, in terms of collaboration; we support the attendees of our work study program to acquire the knowledge, skills, tools and technology that will help them develop and achieve that level of performance.
  • As essential component of the work-study program both men and women will receive assignments and challenges regarding their completion of their abilities for self-knwoledge and self-management of their gender skills, hormonal shifts cycles, nature cycles and rhythms, and communication-collaboration skills. (Human circularity applied)

Multinational Training Program

Peer group support, think tank, travel seminars, online collaboration platform


  • We are launching simultaneously in 9 locations our work-study program
  • Collaboration between teams in diverse locations is enabled online through our intranet platform.
  • The diversity of cultural, social, technical, human and economic challenges experienced at the locations we work enrich our ecosystem with experience and knowledge.
  • We believe that creativity and innovation can be boosted by collaboration and peer support.


  • Organized by focus topics, challenges, assignments and case studies, peer group support is enabled.
  • For Individual and Team assignments a think tank, local and international peer group support system is enabled.
  • A group coaching program helps peers and teams achieve a higher level of performance.


Experience in the field under a diversity of conditions, is essential to expand own capacity for innovation, adaptation and delivery of solutions.

For that reason our work-study program includes multi-national collaboration and exchange as well as travel immersive seminars.

  • 70% At own location, country. 
  • 20% Immersive seminars provided at The Netherlands.
  • 10% Experience on the field, team challenges, at other countries.

For more details on the study program, please request an online interview