Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

We accelerate the learning curve of young talents, next generation leaders, to collaborate with them achieve the impact needed to create a better future, an advanced sustainable civilization for the next 9+ generations

  • The Matrix-Q Talents are dedicated to accelerate their learning curve, acquire the necessary knowledge, experience, tools, data and skills necessary to create the level of systemic impact necessary to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future.
  • At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem we believe that the next generation leaders will be the ones facing most of the challenging times, outcome of the choices made by previous generations. Therefor we have taken as our duty to support them, empower them, with our hands-one, gamified, remote, internship program.

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  • The Matrix-Q Talents mission is to create impact within the little time window the human species still have, in order to correct the damage created by past generations and create a better future for the following 9+ generations 
  • The Matrix-Q Talents Program (Internship) for under 30 years old talents, is the only FREE program provided by the Matrix-Q Akademia.
  • Why? because traditional academic education combined with the standard professional experience path, would take for young talents from 10 to 20 years, until they reach the experience and capacity necessary for the impact the world needs them to have today.
  • Explore and taste our business culture free of charge at the Matrix-Q Community (Learn more about the Matrix-Q Ecosystem)
  • With the Matrix-Q Innovative Holistic Education Methodology, we are able to accelerate the learning curve of talents.
  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize their capacity to think, feel, create, lead, act and invest with the knowledge acquired. 
  • Explore and taste our business culture free of charge at the Matrix-Q Community (Learn more about the Matrix-Q Ecosystem)


If you hold on or more of the following:

  • Nature leader
  • Innovation/Creative Mindset
  • Engaged in sustainable development, circularity, social impact
  • Entrepreneur mindset
  • Your goal is to become an impact-investor
  • You would like to develop innovative solutions to change the world
  • You are looking forward to opportunities to challenge yourself, test your capacity and skills
  • You wish for an opportunity to create impact
  • Your plan is to lead or join a start-up team, innovation-driven impact-driven
  • Your personal mission is to collaborate with the achievement of one or more of the 17 global sustainable development goals suggested by the United Nations (201%) 
  • You are aware of your current lack of experience, knowledge, skills, capacity and could like to accelerate your learning curve in order to be ready to create as soon as possible the level of impact you want, and become the type of impact leader the future needs
  • You want to collaborate with the development of an advanced civilization
  • Explore and taste our business culture free of charge at the Matrix-Q Community (Learn more about the Matrix-Q Ecosystem)

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The Matrix-Q Talents Internship Program


    • Free of Charge (*)
    • Individual, personalized
    • Team activities start within 4-9 weeks after joining the program
    • The internship program is tailor-made to your capacity, needs, skills, impact-field interest and time availability (from 10 hours per month)
    • Two alternatives to choose from: a) Remote  b.) on-boarding (immersive)
    • Starting duties in any of the following (we will match your capacity with:) a.) project management, b.) c-level assistant,  c.) account management d.) content/innovation developer e.) team leader f.) impact-agent
    • Hands-on, gamified, tokenized, learn-play, work-play 
    • Guild membership for 1+ years (After completion of the Matrix-Q Black belt, the Matrix-Q Guild membership will be extended for 1 more year)
    • Talents that reach the Black Belt rank are eligible to join Matrix-Q Teams ( Matrix-Q Start-Ups, Research Institute, Value Chain Transformation projects, Franchise, Innovation-Hub, Competitions, Smart-Village/House, Akademia…)
    • Matrix-Q Certifciates, Licenses
    • Associated Consultant (Coach-Trainer) Role
    • Access to use of Matrix-Q Technology, tools, knowledge
    • Coaching-Training, Mentorship
    • Data-driven capacity/performance report. Accordingly we choose with you together the ideal learning and experience content to collaborate with you achieve the next level of capacity as soon as possible.
    • (*) Note: for attendees with age and older than 30 years old the program is paid. Would you like to learn more about the paid programs? are you older than 29 years old? Please contact us, we will share a presentation with details of all programs. We host programs for uptown 81 years old attendees. Multigenerational Akademia


  • Application, including capacity assessment sessions
  • Trial season (3-6 months)
  • Black Belt commitment (1-2 years including trial season) We want to support the Matrix-Q Talents to reach the Black Belt rank as soon as possible, including the associated Matrix-Q Certificates and Matrix-Q Licenses. Including project and account manager, leader, coach-trainer, consultant, innovator, start-up. 
  •  Compensation
    • Capacity building program
    • Coaching-Training & Mentorship
    • Access to resources, technology, tools, methodology, innovations, data, solutions, ecosystems, quantum (holistic) economy, tokens, financial resources, opportunities, challenges
    • Once have reach an eligibility level and access to the necessary opportunities: talents will be motivated with compensation per working unit, wages/hour, wages/project, commissions, bonus, royalties, equity, I.P. ownership rights, shares, convertible bonds, full time and part time wages.


  • Talents need to sign an agreement which includes a commitment for a period of time, NDA, and non competition agreement
  • Alignment to the Matrix-Q Ecosystem action plan
  • Follow protocols for communication, reporting, data generation
  • Coaching-Mentorship and Training units completion
  • Continues engagement into creating impact
  • After completion of training units, impact units, and reporting, we will assign to the talents tokens, points, that need to be used later to access to more coaching-training and projects (execution/impact) opportunities.


  • Any time
  • After application, eligible candidates will attend an onboarding program, first training days, and trial season.

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Only members of the Matrix-Q Guild that have achieved the Matrix-Q Black Belt are eligible to apply to join a Matrix-Q Team. Matrix-Q Talents need to also achieve the Matrix-Q Black Belt in order to join a Matrix-Q Team

Matrix-Q Team members are welcome to contribute as leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, consultants, talents and impact-investors in the Matrix-Q Ecosystem companies and projects

To achieve the Matrix-Q Black Belt, means a whole journey has been completed. The Guild member (Matrix-Q Talent) would have achieved already the right to become a holder of Matrix-Q Certificates and Licenses

As well, acquired enough experience in the use of the Matrix-Q Knowledge, methodology, technology, tools, data, skills, quantum-economy. (See Matrix-Q Belts 9+ and the associated roles, skills, capacity)

Matrix-Q Black Belts are eligible to lead start ups, multidisciplinary research, development and innovation, project management, consultancy, coaching, training, account management, customer care, sales, marketing, ambassador and dealer roles, product development, content development, and much more.

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