Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Invest your personal resources: creativity, knowledge, innovative solutions, engagement and learning skills

We invest in you, with a hands-on training program, certificates and licenses

Become the Lead of a Matrix-Q Start-up

 Utilize Matrix-Q Technology, knowledge, tools, data, skills, resources, opportunities

  • Do you have innovative ideas for impact-driven and innovation-driven start-ups
  • Would you like to lead your own start up / or join a start-up team
  • Enhance your capacity, acquire the mindset and skills of a leader, entrepreneur, innovator and impact-investor
  • With the Matrix-Q Akademia training for start-up leaders, you become the leader the future needs
  • We provide you with all necessary resources and opportunities to enhance your capacity to lead and successfully develop a start-up


  • World-wide 8/9 start-ups fail within the first 2-5 years
  • Besides challenges related to product, innovation, market conditions, funding and externalities; which can be eventually solved
  • Start-ups may fail because the readiness of a team to endure, learn, adapt, create and evolve together with the challenges that belong to the natural maturity journey of the venture
  • Adaptive capacity, the ability to manage own personal resources, complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty, change, wealth generation challenges and impact challenges is scarce and not developed through  academic education programs
  • The Human Capital and leadership capacity in a start-up define its failure and success. 

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  • With our innovative technology and methodology we are able to optimize the management of your investment in human capital
  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize your capacity as entrepreneur (leader), and as a team
  • Our data generation tools and data analytics reports will become a valuable tool to navigate towards your desired destination. 
  • By utilising our digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. engine we can assess the impact of learning and your capacity to think, feel, act, create, lead, invest and apply the knowledge acquired, to solve start-up, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, human capital, impact and investment challenges

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  • By joining the Matrix-Q Akademia, you will complete a training program for leaders, innovators, talents, entrepreneurs and impact investors
  • You will acquire all the skills and experiences necessary to measure, predict, enhance and optimize your capacity
  • We will collaborate with you to measure your capacity to feel, think, create, adapt yourself, lead, invest with the knowledge acquired
  • You will accelerate your learning curve, thinking and behavior change
  • Develop the mindset capacity and skills of an entrepreneur, leaders, innovator, and impact-investor

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  • Save time by completing our training program first, acquire a the experience and capacity of a Matrix-Q Black belt, licenses and certificates
  • Rehearse, explore, simulate, play, learn as fast as you can, while developing your start-up idea/innovation, products and services
  • Exercise the use of your knowledge and skills by participating in hands-on training programs ins which you can create a real positive impact
  • Measure yourself with the same forces and challenges you will need to face as a start-up leader
  • Learn about your capacity, barriers, weaknesses, blindspots, dormant resources, potential
  • Realize, test and validate, your capacity to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies
  • Once you have achieved the level of performance needed, we will match you with other team members, and build up together with you a start-up team

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  • As a creative innovator, your solutions for R&D Technology, social impact, circularity, business models, SDG’s or knowledge (education) are welcome 
  • You bring in your skills, knowledge, capacity of learning (This is your investment Nr 2)
  • You hold rights of your intellectual property (This is your investment Nr 3)
  • We provide to you a complete hands-on training for start-up leaders, (this is our investment in you nr. 1)
  • Save time, know yourself
  • As a Matrix-Q Guild Member, you will receive Matrix-Q training, certificates and licenses (This is our investment in you Nr. 102)
  • You will be welcome to integrate your innovation or impact solutions with Matrix-Q Knowledge, technology, skills, data, tools, and products. (This is our investment in you Nr. 103)
  • You will learn how to create Matrix-Q Derivatives and how to utilise the already available Matrix-Q Tools, technology, Data, Skills, Knowledge (This is our investment in you Nr. 104)
  • You will receive Matrix-Q Tokens for your achievements at learning at the Matrix-Q Akademia, and at creating a positive impact while you take part in Matrix-Q Akademia Impact-learning projects. You may later use those tokens to trade for coaching, consultancy, products and services provided by our ecosystem (This is our investment in you Nr. 105) 
  • Ay the Matrix-Q Akademia you will be challenged to generate wealth and impact under unexpected circumstances, and deal with variable conditions, as essential element of your training program, you will build up income streams, as compensation for the impact you achieve. You ma invest this acquired capital in your own start up (This is our enabler for you, Nr. 106)
  • We will also double your acquired income, and invest in your start-up with you together (This is our investment in your start-up Nr. 107)
  • We will provide for your start-up an incubation, acceleration, consultancy and scale up programs (This is our investment in your start-up Nr. 108)
  • We will introduce your start-up to investors and strategic partners, by sharing the data driven reports we have generated along your whole journey, demonstrating your capacity as entrepreneur, team, and the power and potential impact of your solutions/innovations/products (This is our investment in you Nr. 109)

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