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Rank, Roles & MindSet

” The spirit of our organization is aligned to its values and culture, it is supported by its strength of character, knowledge, and skills. Its DNA is its mission and purpose.

Our organization thrives when our team members, ecosystem partners, and stakeholders live their full potential. For our customers that is our gift. The quality of our services, our values, our lives.

Social impact starts at home, with us; by enabling an organization that creates value, that shares knowledge, skills, and vision, a bridge between generations, an inclusive haven, family-friendly, multidisciplinary and values-driven.

We are an organization that creates a bridge between nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient civilizations and cultures, and our current culture, in order to solve global pressing issues of our time, and create the future we want.

When our spirit is aligned to each step of our path, then we thrive in authenticity, joy, happiness, and exploration of our full potential.

With our creativity, we find new valid and effective approaches to create, share, and enable value in our ecosystem, for our customers, for our team members, and for our own organization.

We are a values-driven, innovation-driven organization, that creates a positive impact in nature, people, and economies. “

At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem we hold an agreement of rank.

  1. Our team members will be trained, provided with the opportunities to learn and apply the Matrix-Q knowledge: tools, skills, competencies, methods, products, models, information, research, I.P.
  2. Rank means the ability to effectively apply Matrix-Q Knowledge in order to solve challenges with a level of complexity. Higher the complexity that can be solved, the higher the rank.
  3. Rank is associated with the level of training. For the rank #3, the level of training #3 should be successfully completed before the rank evaluation.
  4. Eligibility for a rank means that the team member has demonstrated capacity of alignment to the values and culture of the ecosystem, organization’s DNA, mission and spirit.
  5. Our organization has been gamified, in order to reach eligibility for a rank, a number of points need to be earned and sustained, through fieldwork and continuous multidisciplinary training.
  6. Fieldwork means creation of value, capacity of execution as leaders, multidisciplinary innovators, entrepreneurs, and social impact investors.
  7. Rank represents the capacity of learning, as there is always space and opportunity for improvement. (Kaizen Methodology 9+)
  8. The value created within our organization has the purpose of enabling a positive impact in nature, people, and economic growth. Rank means an effective capacity of protection of our value, with the purpose of delivering responsibly Matrix-Q Knowledge as it is, through Matrix-Q Solutions.
  9. Rank enables leadership and responsibility roles, duties, commitment, engagement levels, as well as rewards in the form of compensation, creativity opportunities, social impact, property and leadership roles.


9+ Belts System

The Matrix-Q Rank is represented by a system of Belts, as in traditional martial arts system.

Each Belt holds 9 capacity indicators.

Accordingly tasks, roles, responsibilities, duties, and also access to the property will be allowed to eligible team members.

For example a Team member my have completed a level of training #5, invested in a circular innovation 50.000,00 EUR, and have achieved a rank #1, then the team member will not be assigned to any CxO position of high management and leadership, decision making responsibility.

Another example is when a team member completed a level of training #5, invested in a circular innovation 10.000,00 EUR, and have achieved a rank #5, then the team member will be assigned to a management and leadership, decision making responsibility.

At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, knowledge of the field, experience, investment, is balanced to rank and capacity of effective execution, application of knowledge.

For this purpose all team members, all ranks, participate in the Matrix-Q Akademia Program, where they are continuously in training, acquiring knowledge and receiving new tailor-made challenges that help them top themselves, overcome barriers, achieve knowledge, and technical ability to utilize Matrix-Q Solutions.

The training program is provided online, to all teams around the world.

We utilize a digital platform for gamified capacity building assisted by A.I., with data-driven content, challenges and tasks, delivered with e-learning, e-games, e-trainers, and e-books.

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibility

The following is the list of Belts.

The higher Rank is assigned to the Primordial Belt. 

We have also added examples of roles and responsibilities for which belt holders are eligible.

Roles and responsibilities are assigned to eligible candidates only, but additional conditions may apply, as according to belt holder DNA, roles and responsibilities are tailor-made. 

When a customer, ecosystem partner, or stake-holder meets our team members, they are aware of their rank and the capacity of application of Matrix-Q Knowledge they have acquired and developed the capacity to apply it responsibly and effectively.

“Eligibility” status means only that a foundation necessary for a number of possible roles, responsibilities, functions, or tasks has been confirmed. Additional conditions may apply according to individual cases. For example, additional tasks (evaluation) may be necessary to qualify for specific roles. In some cases projects will be assigned. In general a role is tailor-made to team member DNA (competences) and achievements.


Directors, CxOs, Leaders

Rank Level #12, BELT:  Primordial

  • Eligible for : Ecosystem Board

Rank Level #11, BELT:  Gold [Ɵ]

  • Eligible for :  Ecosystem EDs

Rank Level #10, BELT:  Silver [9+]

  • Eligible for : CxO Systemic Management

Rank Level #9, BELT:  Copper [9]

  • Eligible for : CxO Roles, Strategic Organization Development, Leadership

Rank Level #8, BELT: Black V [1]

  • Eligible for : CxO Assistant, Business-Consultant, Impact Investment Lead, Complex-Systems Analyst, Quantum Systems Analyst, Collective-Intelligence Developer


Consultants, Leaders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Impact Investors

Rank Level #7, BELT:  Green [2]

  • Eligible for : Growth-Consultant, Social Impact Lead, Corporate Responsibility, Co-creativity Management

Rank Level #6, BELT:  Black IV [6]

  • Eligible for : Innovation-Consultant, Co-creativity-Assistant, Gender equity effectiveness -analyst, social impact assistant, Family-Life-Work-Nature-Community Balance Management

Rank Level #5, BELT:  Black III [5]

  • Eligible for : Social-Impact-Consultant, Culture-Development-Consultant, Prevention, Welfare, Security, Family-Life-Work-Nature-Community Balance Management Assistant, Research-Expeditions Lead

Rank Level #4, BELT:  Black II [4]

  • Eligible for : Coach-Consultant, R&D Innovation Lead, Human Capital, social-impact assistant, culture developer, Network Developer, Community Developer, Sustainability Developer, Sales & Marketing Account Manager, Research-Expeditions Assistant

Rank Level #3, BELT:  Black I [7]

  • Eligible for : Project Management, Location Developer, Ambassador, Trainer-Consultant, Process-Facilitator, Research-Team, Network Assistant, Community Assistant, Sustainability Assistant, Sales & Marketing Assistant, R&D Innovation Assistant, Collective-emotional intelligence (CEI) developer 


Rank Level #2, BELT:  Blue [8]

  • Eligible for : roles as as project developer, project assistant, content developer, research-assistant, team member, data analyst, information analyst, collective-emotional intelligence (CEI) development-assistant, communication Assistant

Rank Level #1, BELT:  Yellow [3]

  • Eligible for : internship. We offer a multigenerational internship, with 10 internship programs. For ages between 10+ and 90+. Focus : ” Thinking & behavior change ” , ” Circular Economy ” & ” Impact-Investment “, “Leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation”,”Economic Growth”, “Perception & generation of value”

Rank Level #0, BELT:  White [0]

  • Eligible for : joining the Matrix-Q Akademia. Focus: ” self-management and effectiveness”

no-Rank , no-BELT :  White (c) : Candidate to white belt [0]

  • Eligible for : a trial season at the Matrix-Q Akademia

no-Rank , no-BELT :  status: “Intentional-Application” 

  • Eligible for : White belt candidate. additional conditions may apply, according to the case.
  • Eligibility is reached after evaluation. A candidate must first be accepted for the evaluation. Candidate should send to C.V., self-introduction letter, schedule a 15 min interview and introduce him/her self via whatsapp.