Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

The Matrix-Q Akademia offers capacity building for the next generation leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and impact investors

As a company school, we are able to provide a learning by doing process. Our students address global pressing issues while applying the knowledge, skills, data-driven tools, they learn with us. Learning has been integrated in our Akademia with the development of projects that create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.


Climate change means a challenge for all of us globally. 

We have learned (Matrix-Q Research Institute) that at least 100+ years and 9+ Generations will be needed to bring our planet back to balance and transition back to a sustainable future.

Continuous change, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, will challenge the entrepreneurs of a close and long term future.

We have a little time window, while still our planet experience certain level of stability, to boost the capacity of the next generation leaders and prepare ourselves for a new challenging future.

We need a new approach, and methodology for learning, and developing skills; also for the application of those skills while at the same time creating a positive impact. Bootstrapping, learning on the go, learning by doing, agile thinking, holistic strategic management, and compliance with sustainability principles, creativity to address global pressing issues


  • The Matrix-Q Akademia provides complete training in stages, including certificates and licenses.
  • We first focus in building a foundation, with personal leadership, skills, and compliance (sustainability), and providing essential certificates for solopreneurs and intrapreneurs
  • Our members have also the possibility to design a tailor-made training program, including their key interests and projects needs, which will be integrated to the foundation training. 
  • Advanced training programs, for strategic partners (franchisee and label), and c-level candidates (for the Matrix-Q Ecosystem)
  • We also provide special yearly programs, Study-Circles, for continuous learning
  • The knowledge, tools, data, methodology, skills, technology you will receive along our training program is unique, developed since 1993 through multidisciplinary research and innovation, (18 disciplines) and the study of nature-inspired knowledge, and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations. The Matrix-Q Knowledge is unique, exists only within the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, and is provided only under certificates and license agreements.



  • Candidates reach eligibility to join the Matrix-Q Akademia with the following steps
    • Complete a Workshop (Online or outdoors) (Alternatives 3x40min or 5x40min)
    • Complete an eligibility program (For study-circles: 3×40 min, For other programs 1xfull day  or a BootCamp of 3xFullDays (Includes an e-Assessment Capacity Scan, and Matching process necessary to tailor-made a learning program, and at least 1xsubscription e-learning program)
    • According to the results of the previous steps, some candidates may be requested to complete a Matrix-Q Holistic Coaching Program of at least 12×40 min, (9+ Sessions) which offers an advanced holistic capacity scan, assessment and matching report, with focus on life path coaching, career path coaching, purpose coaching, or leadership coaching.
    • Eligible candidates may choose a subscription for the foundation training (Flat rate fees agreement, which includes the number of units, products, services, frequency, to attend training, coaching, mentorship, sparring and access to digital products and tools)
    • Complete the foundation training (For study-circles: 9×40 min, For other programs 9xfull days)
    • Follow up with the advanced training, certification and licenses

Below you find the step-by-step process created with the currently available programs and study circles.

Book time with us for Q&A, the Matrix-Q e-Assessment Capacity Scan, & Coaching 1x40 min

Book your preferred Entry Program: Workshop, Full Day, Coaching, BootCamp


  • STEP 01: Eligibility Program (Self-knowledge Exploration, and Assessment Program) We measure, predict, enhance and optimise human capacity with an innovative data-driven and holistic education methodology. You need experience in order to know. By attending to this program you will explore basic elements of the foundation training and complete a holistic self-assessment of your own capacity, mindset and interests. 

  • STEP 02: Preliminary Program (Foundation Training, Brain GYM, MindSet, Purpose, Emotional Intelligence, Learning, Adaptation, Leadership, Work-Life Balance, Self-Management, Time-Management, Storytelling, Holistic Wealth-Ability, Profile based marketing). A set of essential skills and capacity building necessary for the work.

  • STEP 03: Compliance Program (17 Sustainable development goals, Design thinking : circular, regenerative, holistic, minimalist, systemic impact design thinking; Nature systems, Quantum Holistic Economy). We care for your capacity building to address current global pressing issues.

  • STEP 04: Solo-preneurship / Intra-preneurship Program (Certificates: Coach, Trainer, Designer, Coder, Content Creator,  Project Manager, Innovator, Research & Consultancy, Marketing, Strategic Management, Business Models). Long life learning needs to be balanced with purpose, leadership and income streams. We provide you with both. The first certificates will enable for you income streams, consultancy capacity, passive income(digital), and entrepreneurship capacity. We believe that autonomy and freedom, are foundations for long life learning. As solo-preneur, entrepreneur and consultant, you will be able to provide services, create a positive impact, and passive income opportunities for yourself.  

  • STEP 05: School Program (Advanced Multidisciplinary Training & Specialisation in any of the 36 Matrix-Q Akademia Schools). The Step #5 is the core of the training program. You can now dive into the knowledge and skills, and advance your capacity to use methodology, data, technology, models, tools and techniques. The School program provides learning by doing projects, actionable, addressing real life, business and positive impact opportunities. 

  • STEP 06: Data-driven Innovation Program (Multidisciplinary and nature inspired innovation, assisted by data analysis and A.I. Engine – Machine Learning. Including Research, Think-Tank, Open Space, Lab & Incubation Programs for innovation & impact driven entrepreneurs). There is always space, time and opportunity for innovation, improvement, development. The next level of capacity, bridging skills and knowledge gaps. If you are joining this program, is because you have already developed a creative and positive mindset that nurtures your innovation and entrepreneurial capacity, aiming to go beyond.


  • Start-Ups Program (For Candidate to Start-Up Crew). 27 Business lines. The start-ups program offers capacity building on the products, services, strategic management and business model. Eat start-up may be cloned at any location around the world. Compulsory: Matrix-Q Akademia Step 04: Solo-preneurship Program needs to be completed successfully. Candidates need to be enrolled for step 05 and step 06, both must be completed also at a reasonable time, while developing the start-up business plan. The start-Up program includes licenses for limited liability companies (Franchise Agreement) to operate with Matrix-Q Standards, including strategic management, marketing, products, services, capacity building of team members. Eligible teams may apply for funding to the Matrix-Q Fund or join the Matrix-Q Impact Journey (Start-ups competitions) and qualify to the investment ready program. For limited liability companies, additional conditions may apply, depending on the business line. Please contact us for more details.  
  • Change Management Program (For candidates to Label Partners). Any company is welcome to join our ecosystem, by completing a change management program which starts with assessment, compliance reports, and capacity building for the c-level, innovation and change-management teams. Once achieved the Matrix-Q Label 0, the company and its members are welcome to join our ecosystem, and if eligible (products compliance) also our market place. The change management program offers 12+ levels of the label, and the opportunity to build a fully compliant Matrix-Q Company.

  • Co-Living Space Facilitator (Coach-Trainer/Leader) Program. An immersive training program in/for a co-living space. Eligible candidates will learn how to utilize the Matrix-Q Tools, Skills, Knowledge, Data, Technology to enable a community-building process in an eco-village, or a co-living space, house, that aims to be self-sufficient.
  • Climate Fund Program (For candidates to Scholarships). We invest in the next generation leaders. The following next 9+ generations will need to fix the damage create to our planet (Life’s system, nature, societies and economies)  by the last 27 generations, last 300 years, as for millions of species extinct, resource depletion, waste, inequalities, and climate change. The Climate Fund Program offers capacity building in 3 stages: STAGE 01: Young leaders are invited to complete a series of challenges, demonstrate their capacity of learning, adaptation, creativity, and alignment to a purpose beyond themselves. Those that have demonstrated the capacity to achieve a high performance along the training will be welcome to candidate to a scholarship program, that offers unto 729 days fees paid, for the Climate Fund Program. STAGE 02: Our members will utilise the foundation skills and knowledge acquire to contribute with the development of projects of entrepreneurial nature, that address outcomes of climate change. STAGE 03: After demonstrating impact capacity, our members will join a circle of climate leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and impact investors. 

  • Special Task Force Program (For candidates to c-level and strategic project management). The most advanced leaders in our ecosystem, will be invited to complete challenges and qualify to join the Matrix-Q Special Task Forces. The advanced training program is developed through the realisation of projects and direct guidance by our founder. Eligible candidates will be assigned to roles, responsibility and duty, in the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, c-level and project management. 

(*) Certification & Licenses, Label & Associated Partner agreements, are given only to eligible candidates, under the Matrix-Q Multi-Business Franchise general rules (Guild Membership Agreement). All students of the Matrix-Q Akademia, eligible for certificates, licenses, label and associated partner certificates, need to join the association of Matrix-Q Specialists, the Matrix-Q Guild and agree with its compliance rules, regarding intellectual property, non competition, price, continuous learning, methodology and standards.


The study circles offer continuous training with an specific focus and yearly membership fees

Attendees will enjoy of:

  • Full days training outdoors
  • Workshops outdoors and online
  • Group Coaching
  • e-Learning
  • Think-Tank and Open Space Sessions
  • Smart Applications & Tools
  • Coaching
  • Tailor-made learning programs
  • Application Projects
  • Challenges
  • Collaborative Research
  • Leisure activities
  • e-Library, book (media) reading and reviews


The study circles certificates are given once the necessary learning units have been completed, capacity of application demonstrated (Individual learning reports, challenges or projects), and a certificate exam has been completed successfully.


Licenses fo commercial use of the content delivered along the study circle are given only to eligible candidates, under the Matrix-Q Multi-business Franchise Agreement


The most popular license of the study circles is delivered through the Train-the-trainer program. Attendees to the study circle can enrol in parallel to this program to become facilitators, coach-trainers, consultants, designers, coders or project managers utilising this specific line of knowledge or products.


Please contact us for a demo session, workshop, or full day training, for any of the following study circles

MATRIX-Q LEADERSHIP: Personal development, self-knowledge, personal leadership skills

MATRIX-Q TIME: From time management to fractal time 

MATRIX-Q EXPEDITIONS: Multidisciplinary archeology research, travel and leisure program

MATRIX-Q THINKING: 243 Thinking modalities, including circular, regenerative, holistic and quantum design thinking

MATRIX-Q PRIMORDIAL YOGA: Nature inspired, geometry based balance

MATRIX-Q SELF-DEFENSE: Overcome fear and anger. Coordinate body, emotions, mind and spirit.

MATRIX-Q MULTIDISCIPLINARY PERFORMING ARTS: The impactful power of storytelling

MATRIX-Q SEXED: Sexuality Education, inclusion, diversity and co-creativity

MATRIX-Q COMMUNICATION: Actionable communication, with positive emotions

MATRIX-Q BREATHE: Conscious breathing with positive emotions for work life balance and happiness

MATRIX-Q GTE-QUANTUM: Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship – Holistic & Quantum Strategic Management Tool



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