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Optimize the management of your time

Achieve more, impact more, communicate more, learn more in less time

Success, Work-Life Balance & Happiness at Work with Matrix-Q Time

MATRIX-Q TIME MANAGEMENT Training Program (Remote)

  • Modules
  • OPTION 1: Learn as you go: free time schedule, complete learning units, present reports, receive points and tokens, then schedule the next training/coaching/mentorship session. Until you complete all modules or training units of one specific module. (Ideal system for entrepreneurs and full time employees, you do not need to stick to a preset schedule)
  • OPTION 2: Preset schedule, tailor made to individual/team(company) 
  • OPTION 3: Weekend seminar
  • Learn-play (Apply to your immediate needs, work-play)
  • Data-driven (We measure, predict, enhance and optimize your capacity to management time)


Vary by module, please contact us for a presentation (specific to each modules), and also for Q&A. (Just schedule time with us for Q&A)

The following will be developed. learned, explored, achieved, in order to optimize your capacity to manage your time

  • Adaptive capacity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Attention span, focus, concentration, brain gym
  • Thinking skills (tools) applied to time management
  • Time eaters, time enhancers
  • Time management optimization with emotions-awareness
  • Compacting and bending time (Matrix-Q Fractal Time System)
  • Nature cycles, rhythms, principles, systems and natural time
  • Process management and time
  • Product and business cycle in time
  • Hormones cycles (Male, female) and time management optimization
  • Leadership and time management
  • Data-driven tools for time management (Matrix-Q Method)
  • Human Circularity: Circularity principles applied to time management
  • Case study


After completion of the training program, attendees will receive “attending-certificates”

After completion of an application challenge and project, with demonstrated responsible application of methods, and new skills achieved and applied, eligible candidates will receive a Matrix-Q License (see below). The Matrix-Q License is specific to the capacity of optimising time, starting for yourself, and also for others, as for example professional services or team leadership, project management. The time management license will be associated to specific cases, if eligible, as complementary to the following Matrix-Q Licenses

  • Matrix-Q Trainer, coach, innovator, designer, consultant, leader, entrepreneur


Please visit our webinars (Matrix-Q Events), listen o our podcast (Matrix-Q Time, 1 hour) or schedule time with us for Q&A

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