Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

After completion of the work-study program, the eligible candidates will join the team of  MATRIX-Q CIRCULAR SOLUTIONS

We accelerate the transition into circular economy

with data-driven, smart and scalable technology

combined with human competences

The MindSet e-Test will describe your conscious capacity and subconscious potential, your preferences for perception of value and approaches to solving challenges, skills, strengths and barriers.

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We are a Matrix-Q Company with headquarters in The Netherlands

  • We provide data-driven capacity building programs assisted by scalable technology
    • e-tests, e-learning, e-games, A.I. Engine Learning Coach
  • We measure, enhance and optimize in leaders
    • Circular Thinking
    • Innovation Capacity
    • Adaptive Capacity
    • Emotional Engagement
  • We facilitate a tailor-made individual and group e-coaching program
  • We provide tailor-made circular innovation assistance
  • We support circular change management
  • With online and local certified circular economy consultants

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