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  • The Matrix-Q Akademia is a division of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem
  • Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder and R&D Lead of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem has created the unique content and methodology of the Matrix-Q Akademia
  • The Akademia has 9 main training programs.  
  • Since 2020 the 9 training programs are being adjusted to serve the acceleration of the transition into circular economy.
  • The Content of the training programs is being upgraded, and modified. Its new content will help us bridge the circular economy gap of next generation leaders.
  • Since 2020, the Matrix-Q Akademia main aim is to facilitate the 3 years work-study program for Matrix-Q Circular Solutions Consultants.

[ Learn more about the Methodology & the 9 Training Programs ]


  • e-Learning Programs
  • Hybrid Programs: Human competences combined with digital activities (e-learning, e-tests, smart apps)
    • Human Consultant provides experiential training
    • Full day immersive experiential
    • Full weekend immersive experiential
  • Learning assisted by A.I. Learning Coach
  • Assessment of learning skills and capacity of adaptation
  • Presentations, Master class
  • e-Mail based training program
  • e-Games
  • e-Workbooks, e-Books, e-Tools, e-Trainer


  • Lean Learning [ THINK ] [ FEEL ] [ ACT ]
  • Gamified [ Learning by playing, learning by doing, Learning by taking challenges ]
  • Immersive [ Story driven ]
  • Hybrid [ We combine e-learning, e-games, V.R., A.R. with experiential human-2-human activities ]
  • Data-driven [ We measure learning skills, capacity and potential ]
  • Tailor-Made [ According too individual DNA or MindSet and preferred activities for Learning ]
  • Next Generation e-Learning Programs Production methodology [Matrix-Q Reality]
  • Brain Performance, memory and focus enhancement (Matrix-Q Brain GYM] [Matrix-Q Sonic Therapy]

Next Generation Data-Driven e-Learning & e-Games

Since 2019 the Matrix-Q Akademia scales up with e-Tests, A.I. Engine (learning Coach), e-Learning & e-Games Production Methodology developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute.