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Nature Inspired Innovation

New data-driven methodology accelerates the transition of our planet back to balance

L.D Maldonado Fonken, CEO, R&D Lead

2020 started with the statement “lineal thinking has misguided the industry for the last 300 years, creating waste, climate change and the extinction of billions of species”.

Along January 2020 we launched the Circular Akademia Program, with a data-driven methodology for education (thinking and behavior change) assisted by A.I.

Matrix-Q Circular Akademia.

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Since 1993 i am facing the question on the role the human factor has in the implementation of changes that impact nature, economies, and people. My conclusions brought me to the development of innovative technology, methodology, and capacity building programs that bridge the human competences gap.

Lineal thinking combined with Symptomatic treatment approach for solution making have been misguiding industry and leaders thinking.

The acceleration of thinking and behavior change, need to focus on solving the cause, not only in the alleviation of the symptoms.

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The damage and pain caused to wild life, natural ecosystems and human communities, their economies and their future generations is irreversible.

We can only hope for having learning our lessons soon enough; and for the capacity to stand the pain our planet will need to endure, and engage into pro-active solution making.

Today we receive updates weekly on new incidents and events world wide. The intensity and frequency of events registered that are related to climate, sustainability and social issues will increase along the following years.

How is the capacity of humanity to fulfill the role of caretaker of the planet ? Accountability capacity is essential for leaders and innovators, beyond personal level, but as representatives of the human species.

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At this stage pro-active solution making means to accelerate the process of transition, back to a planet in a state of balance. Nature always returns to balance. Now is time of humans to contribute with a positive impact in the world and it is their duty to accelerate the transition to a planet back to balance.

At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem we want to contribute with the transition back to a planet, life and humans, in harmony and balance.

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By measuring, enhancing and optimizing circular thinking and innovation capacity, emotional engagement, learning and adaptive capacity, with data-driven and scalable SaaS applications, capacity building programs tailor made with A.I. Engine Coach and supported by human advisors with competences A.I. can not replace.

We are aiming to bring by the knowledge, e-tools, skills and methodology to 27 leaders in each country, 100 collaborators and evaluate 500 to join the Akademia.

Matrix-Q Circular Akademia.

We would like in the Netherlands and in each country, to help 20.000 leaders accelerate the transition to circular economy with thinking and behavior change.

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A thinking, innovation and behavior based on the application of nature systems, principles, laws, rhythms, seems to be the most reasonable path towards the sustainable acceleration of the transition of our planet back to balance.

In order to release the trapped value humanity as a species has, it is priority to focus on the ability of resilience, engagement and leadership, combined with knowledge, technology, competences and methodology.

We believe we have crafted the solution. Now it is your turn to join us at the Matrix-Q Circular Akademia.

Matrix-Q Circular Akademia.