Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

We have a little time window to address global pressing issues, in particular climate change. We need an innovative education system, for the next generation leaders. In only 729 days our students acquire the knowledge, skills and experience the traditional education system provides in 10+ years


Worldwide we are on a journey back to multidisciplinary research, innovation, and holistic entrepreneurship to address global pressing issues.

36+ SCHOOLS (learning tracks)

We are a company school, a multi-business franchise school. Our certificates & associated consultant licenses give you a direct entry to the modern market: Coach-trainer, designer, coder, data analyst, multidisciplinary-innovator, project manager, team-building, research and consultancy


At the Matrix-Q Akademia, you graduate with shares. Our students automatically qualify as franchisees of the Matrix-Q Multi-Business franchise and are eligible to start a new business under the Matrix-Q Brand.


Our multigenerational ecosystem is a family business, we transfer knowledge, skills, entrepreneurship, resources, and impact duties to the following 9 generations. We welcome members from any age group, from 14th to 100+.


Data-driven learn-play/work methodology, we measure, predict, enhance and optimize learning and adaptive capacity Assisted by A.I. Learning-Coach We enable in our students the capacity to learn, think, feel, create, lead, create a positive impact and invest with the knowledge acquired. Hands-on, since the first week, our members are engaged in entrepreneurial activities, creation of value, impact, and learning-by-doing. Our Holistic, Multigenerational, and data-driven education method matches 97% of the United Nations Holistic Education Standards

The Matrix-Q Akademia Methodology matches 97% of the United Nations Education Standards

Since the 2000s, the United Nations has drafted education standards needed for global education and future generations. We live in a world where globalization grows unprecedently, conflict divides us, and unsustainable development becomes a threat to humanity and our entire ecosystem.

Traditional learning must change, and the UN has developed three different types of competencies educators must have to achieve sustainable development:

  • 1. Education through a holistic approach, includes integrative thinking, inclusivity, and dealing with complexity
  • 2. Being able to envision change, as an educator involves learning from our past, inspiring engagement in the present, and exploring our future possibilities
  • 3. Achieving transformation to create long-term impactful education for all ages, entails the transformation of the meaning of education, the transformation of the educator, and of the education system.

To achieve societal transformation there must be an evolution in pedagogy, the learning environment and the content.

Teachers and administrators should adjust the focus of values to achieve positive environmental practice, resilience thinking, work-based learning, and problem-solving among many other new skills.

New generations (1970+) need to address global pressing issues, for which multidisciplinary, holistic, hands-on education provides a faster capacity of response, adaptation and execution. (See Matrix-Q Akademia Belts Program)

Education organizations and companies are welcome to partner with the Matrix-Q Akademia, to implement a the Matrix-Q Methodology, Education Technology & Educators Certification System (Matrix-Q Belts).

The Matrix-Q Akademia offers a complete training program for educators, coaches, trainers and consultants on the Matrix-Q Methodology. (Certificates, licenses) See Matrix-Q Akademia Belts Program)

Learn the innovative Matrix-Q Methodology for holistic education - Schedule time with us for Q&A   

Our mission is to enable for the next generation leaders the acceleration of their learning process.

With an innovative holistic and multidisciplinary education methodology, and knowledge tailor-made for leaders, innovators, talents, entrepreneurs and impact investors that want to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.

With a data-driven edu-tech development methodology, combined with human competences (coaches-trainers) we facilitate the accelerated acquisition of knowledge, skills, resources, experiences, tools, and opportunities. we measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity. We assess the impact of their investment in acquisition of knowledge, their capacity to think, feel, create, lead, act & invest with the knowledge acquired.

We are the company of the future you want

As a company school, we build up the capacity of the next generation leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and impact investors

The Matrix-Q Akademia has grown to develop* most of these education standards  through an innovative education methodology

(*) Matrix-Q Research Institute, education and human potential studies 1993-2020: The Matrix-Q Method. A new e-publication will be released in Spring 2021 including a comparative review of the UN Education Standard


  • At the Matrix-Q Akademia you obtain the Black Belt (level of capacity of application)
  • With the Matrix-Q Black Belt you are welcome to join Matrix-Q Teams at : The Consultancy , Start-ups, Research Institute, Franchise,  Competitions, Innovation Hub, Value Chain Transformation, Akademia, & House/Village Project
  • In Order to reach the Black Belt you need to demonstrate capacity of self-management, time management, emotional management (White belt), compliance capacity, SDG’s, Circular thinking, Sustainability & Holistic Thinking (Yellow Belt), Multidisciplinary Innovation capacity (Blue Belt), and project management, team building, leadership, account management, strategic thinking capacity (Black Belt)
  • The Black Belt program takes from 6 months to 24 months. You can start in any of the entry points available.


  • Hands-on, gamified, tokenized, learn-play, work-play
  • Experiential, learning by doing, learning by playing games and simulations
  • Hands-on multigenerational applied capacity building (for volunteers, community, competitions, consultancy,  and entrepreneurship, start-ups)
  • Innovative data-driven methodology, help us measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity
  • Innovative methodology for accelerated learning, thinking and behavior change, helps you THINK, FEEL,  ACT, LEAD & CREATE A POSITIVE IMPACT WITH THE KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRED
  • We are specialists in multidisciplinary and holistic learning.
  • We create a bridge between nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilization and solutions necessary for our present and future global pressing issues

Do you (want to) think, feel, act, lead and create a positive impact with the knowledge acquired?Are you an innovation-driven (intentional) entrepreneur with an impact-investor mindset?

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